Tuesday, 1 October 2019

KIM Inspire selected to take part in Lottery 25th Anniversary Celebration event in Cardiff

Thank you to everyone that joined us at the Senedd to celebrate 25 years of helping communities in Wales to thrive. We showcased 25 #NationalLottery projects that give a flavour of the 20,671 good causes we’ve supported. Follow this thread to see them!

Click here for the Lottery's blog post of the event

 Annie looking delighted to pose for a photo at our stand

Andy with the KIM Inspire artwork

Where's wally?

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Men's Group at Airbus cafe chocks away


                       Men's group at Airbus cafe chocks away

As we were just finishing our breakfast (LOL) an  Airbus Beluga arrived that was good timing 


              Bill and Tim's                    parking looks pretty good

This one looked like it needed taking out for a spin by a local male group support worker 😉

This one looks pretty old must have been from back in Andy's day 😄

This jet engine was about the same size as Tim's car

Bill Tim and myself enjoying a nice breakfast at chocks away cafe in the sunshine and admiring some of the stunning planes that have
 been decommissioned .

This one was made three years after i was born 1993
Just kidding 1983

(I worked with this as 'DZ' at RAF Leeming - it looks like it's in better condition now! - Andy)

Bill was checking out some of the decommissioned bombs 💥

 We didn't know what planes these were but they were amazing to look at .

All of the planes were behind fences either for safety or because they new I was coming 😅

lovely day out for the guys and myself and will definitely be going back . 

And maybe take someone from the RAF next time to tell us more about them .

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Men's group at the Connah's Quay bowling green

                               Men's Group playing bowls      

               Alun was throwing them across the green still thinking he was playing rugby 

                       as time went on Alun learned how to roll the bowls a bit more gentle 

                                                         and became really good 

                    Dave really enjoyed the day but spent to much time looking for his red apples 

                                                             and then found them on the floor 

                                            Bill was an old pro having played bowls before 

showing us he can still keep up with us young pups 

Connah's Quay bowling green was a lovely place to go 

and lots of help from Mike and the team 

Article from the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) - Social worker warning on World Suicide Prevention Day

Article from the British Association of Social Workers (BASW)

Professional Social Work magazine - 10 September 2019

Getting men talking about feelings key to tackling high suicide rate

Social worker warning on World Suicide Prevention Day

Finding "spaces" for men to talk about their feelings is vital a social worker warned as new figures show middle-aged males are significantly more likely to commit suicide.
The rate per 100,000 for men aged 45-49 was 27.1 last year, compared to the UK average of 11.2 deaths per 100,000 according to the Office for National Statistics. For women of that age range the rate was 9.2 deaths.
Men of all ages were more than three times more likely to commit suicide than women with an average rate of 17.2 deaths compared to 5.4 per 100,000 for women.
There was a 14 per cent rise in all male suicides and a ten per cent rise in all female suicides.  However, the trend for both has been downward since 1981. The biggest increase in male suicides was among those aged 75 and over (up 32 per cent) and those aged 20-24 (up 31 per cent). 
Social worker Andy Matthews, who runs a project supporting men with mental health issues through activities in Wales called Kim 4 Him, said: “There is research saying men seeing services as being 'feminised' is one of the reason they don’t engage. There is also the social stigma and the perceived gender role of men. Men will often chose other coping mechanisms instead of coming forward - the main ones are drink, drugs and suicide.”
Matthews, who is carrying out a five-year PhD study looking at the gap in provision for men, added: “What I think will come from it is how we try and find those spaces where it is okay for men to have those conversations and seek the support they may need. It is that mindset which needs to change.”
Kim 4 Him has proved successful in getting men to talk about their mental wellbeing through initiatives such as a breakfast club, a "football shed" and "mancraft" which includes electronics, gadgets and photography activities. 
Claire Barcham, chair of BASW's mental health practice, policy and education group, said the current climate of uncertainty could be impacting on people's mental health and contributing to the rise in suicide seen in the ONS figures.
"The findings highlight concerns expressed by social workers in many sectors. There so many pressures on people today. Young people face concerns about their futures with changing opportunities and work patterns.
"Men face uncertainty around changing role expectations and this may particularly affect middle-aged men who can feel dislocated from the world they are living in. Social isolation plays a part too with more people living on their own."
Barcham added: "The current political turmoil around Brexit can only add to the confusion and uncertainty some people feel today.”
A minister for suicide prevention was appointed last year in England after previous Prime Minister Theresa May identified poor mental health as a “burning injustice”.
Overall, there were 6,507 suicides in the UK in 2018. Scotland had the highest rate at 16.1 per 100,000. Figures for Northern Ireland are yet to be published.
The highest regional suicide rate for men was in the North East with a rate of 20.4 per 100,000. For women it was Wales with a rate of 6.9.
Men in Wales were the second most likely to commit suicide (19.1 per 100,000), followed by men in Yorkshire and The Humber (19), the South West (17.7), the East (17.6), the North West 917), West Midlands (15.7), East Midlands (14.8), London 13.8). The South East had the lowest rate at 13.5. The biggest rate rise last year was among men Yorkshire and Humber (up 24 per cent).
Yorkshire and The Humber also had the second highest suicide rate for women (5.7) matched by the South West, followed by the East (5.4), the North East (5.2), the West Midlands (4.9), the North West (4.8), the East Midlands and the South East (4.7 each) and London (4.1).
A worrying 83 per cent increase in suicides among females aged ten to 24 and a 25 per cent rise in males of that age was reported, however figures were relatively low (3.3 and 9 per 100,000 respectively).
Nick Stripe, head of health and analysis and life events for the ONS, said: “We saw a significant increase in the rate of deaths registered as suicide last year which has changed a trend of continuous decline since 2013.
"While the exact reasons for this are unknown, the latest data show that this was largely driven by an increase among men who have continued to be most at risk of dying by suicide. In recent years, there have also been increases in the rate among young adults, with females under 25 reaching the highest rate on record for their age group.
“Looking at the overall trend since the early 80s, we are still witnessing a gradual decline in the rate of suicide for the population as a whole.”
This article is published by Professional Social work magazine which provides a platform for a range of perspectives across the social work sector. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the British Association of Social Workers.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Gone fishing...Part 2!

                                            Mens group fishing at the mostyn trout farm 

Matt's video from the trip

Matt and his first catch

                               Shane did such a fantastic job and caught 3 rainbow trout

                                   First two fish of the day caught after 15 minutes of fishing

                  Mark has been our teacher for the day and showing us the right way to do things

                                Colin and shane getting stuck in and loving the experience

                                                   Shane showing off yet another catch

    Tom's first catch was put back as it was a little one but later caught the biggest catch of the day

                                                                 Ten caught in total


                                    Stunning location and definitly worth going back again

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

There is always a Plan B.....

Not everything in life goes exactly to plan...the key is not to get too down when this happens and bounce back. A way of doing this is to have Plan B (C, D, E....) by thinking about what you are going to do and what might happen and how you can overcome setbacks. Celebrate when Plan A does work:)

Our plan B this week...we were due to take photos at Greenfield Abbey; however, the weather had other ideas and it rained cats and dogs!! Our Plan B was Plan Bacon...a bacon butty, brew, and a chat is always a winner.

Dave 'Gordon Ramsey' at the pass

Big thanks to Volunteer Jon for cooking

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Photography session at Connah's Quay Docks

Today we traveled to the docks in Connah's Quay to take photos of the power station and road traffic bridge. We've included a few snaps below from our phones. The 'main' photos from the Canon camera will be processed and displayed at our Men's Art Gallery in the KIM Holywell Hub. 

Alun and Tim reminisced about the 'old days' of the dock and how things have changed. Photography is a great excuse to get out to somewhere new, or old, on your own or with some buddies to enjoy seeing the world a different way. Every photo tells a story and holds memories. 

Tim, Alun, Dave and Dave enjoying the view.

Some snaps walking to the docks.