Tuesday, 9 October 2018

KIM at the Steve Morgan Foundation Conference


Our blog looks at all aspects of what KIM gets up to - here's a peek behind the curtain of how Annie, Amy and Andy worked with a key funder to continue our ongoing excellent relationship.

KIM were honoured this year to be invited by Steve's fantastic team to deliver a 15 minute presentation and a 50 minute workshop at the inaugural Steve Morgan Foundation Conference at Carden Park. You can find more out about the difference Steve is making here.  The foundation supports our volunteer programme - you can read more about eVOLution on Twitter.

Anxiety can touch everyone.......

Annie looking, er, 'pensive' before the conference. She was off her sick bed to!

I'm going to throw this out there. We are not robots - well Amy and Annie are not, my mum tells me she had me tested (Big Bang Theory fans). Attending a conference and speaking in front of a large crowd is nerve wracking. Annie feels anxious leading up to events and is a bag of nerves....until she starts to speak - then her charisma and passions oozes out. Amy brings her infectious laissez faire mask to hide behind. Sergeant Matthews comes over as mr organised and on a mission. Together we are stronger, together we have overcome many hurdles, together we have lifted the profile of third sector work, together we laugh, together we can achieve more. At KIM, it is always about the strength of our overall team...otherwise, Annie would still be anxious and would not attend workshops, Amy would be on a deck chair and Andy would be talking to airplanes.

We have some fantastic team members, volunteers and individuals at the KIM Hub...hopefully you will view the stories they share and see how we all work together.

15 minutes can feel like.....

Annie and Amy produced a wonderful presentation to the conference

No escaping for Andy, he was 'voluntold' to go on for the feedback session and rhyme the comments !


We had a fantastic workshop in the lovingly named 'Shooting Lodge'.

Thank you to everyone that took part, some great conversations but, as ever, not enough time to unpick everything. As promised, I've posted our flip charts below and would welcome any comments you would like to add to this blog. We are really keen to get out and see as many of you as we can - there is some amazing work going on. Likewise, you are always welcome to call in to see is if you are ever cruising up the North Wales coast!

Sheet 1. 

Getting started on the 'why' people volunteer.

 Sheet 2

Some interesting topics emerging.

Sheet 3.

I wonder if we could craft a statement? I did my best to improvise at the feedback.

And finally.....

The smiles afterwards. Annie had gone back to her sick bed whilst Andy and Amy took part in a liquid debrief.

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