Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Continued vandalism at KIM - story covered by and the Evening Leader

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Story by the Evening Leader

Having a community space comes with certain risks....vandals.

Sadly, we have had over 6 months of damage to our Men's Shed building. We can no longer afford to pay for the on-going repairs. The young people have got more and more nonchalant in their destructive behaviours as the Police have been powerless to take any action - despite knowing the individuals concerned.

We continue to work closely with the local Police and have offered a restorative building project if the young people wanted to make some different choices and start building something here, rather than destroy things.

The safety of our staff and people we work alongside is paramount. To reduce the chances of the vandals coming back we have taken down the shelter they were using to congregate. We will be able to re-use the materiel in one of our other projects and we have pop up shelters for the Men's Shed to use. There is always a plan :)

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